STC-25 Temperature cooling adaptor

The STC-25 temperature cooling adaptor can be used with any pressure sensing device with a G1/4” (¼” BSP) male process connection. It simply screws on to the front of the device and cools the media from the process to a temperature within the specification of the device it is used with. This thermal isolation enables sensors to be used with media temperatures of up to 200°C!

The STC-25 has been designed for use with pressure ranges up to 400 bar and is ideal for applications using steam or hot gases, although any liquid can be used that is compatible with 316L stainless steel and the selected O ring seal between the sensor and the STC-25.

Take any conventional pressure transmitter such as the Titan TPTa for instance and turn it into a high temperature pressure sensor with confidence that it will not damage the sensor.

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