SIAi-8 8x Analogue input to RS485 Modbus converter module

Module SIAi-8 allows to measure analog values from 8 current (or voltage)
inputs via the RS-485 connection, with speed rate about 10 Hz (every
channel). Measurement results can be internally recalculated due to one of
available characteristics: linear, square or user definable multipoint (max.
20 points length). It finds application in distributed control and visualization

Standard functions of Modbus transmission allow to changing of device
address or detect its type. All SIAi-8 operating functions, available via the
RS-485, can be implemented from any typical visualization software or, for
instance, with a suitably MultiCon controller.

  • analogue inputs module
  • 8 independent analogue inputs (voltage or current)
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • galvanic separation of the inputs from the module supply voltages
  • LEDs for module operation and Modbus transmission signalling
  • input signals connected by means of the socket-plug connectors

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