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SHP1000 High Pressure Transmitter

Product Description:

The SHP1000 series of pressure transmitters have been developed using Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS) piezoresistive silicon strain gauge circuit housed in a robust stainless steel housing.

The sapphire sensor element is molecularly bonded to a titanium alloy sub-diaphragm. This enables the sensor to endure higher over-pressure and provides superb corrosion resistance. The sensor exhibits accurate performance, sustained high durability and excellent long-term stability.

It has the option of an integrated Cable outlet, M12 x 1, 4-Pin connector both offering up to IP67* ingress protection or a standard Plug & Socket arrangement.

The internal PCB incorporates a versatile microprocessor enabling a range of outputs including 10mV/V, 4-20mA, 0-5V, and 0-10V all powered from a DC power supply.

Product Highlights:

  • Pressure ranges from 2000 bar to 5000 bar
  • Accuracy of <±0.25% as standard (Optional <±0.10%)
  • Titanium wetted parts, corrosion resistant
  • Various analogue output versions
  • High level of temperature compensation
  • Choice of mechanical connections
  • Cost effective for high pressure applications

Typical Applications:

  • Laboratory & Research
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatics
  • Pressure surge detection
  • Aerospace test and research
  • Automotive component testing
  • Academic research
  • Oil & Gas monitoring equipment
  • General industrial applications
SHP1000 High Pressure Transmitter

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