Adjustable Pressure Switch 901 Prescal

Designed with adjustable setting

Adjustable pressure switch monitoring overpressure, vacuum or differential pressure of liquid and gaseous – also aggressive – media.

The pressure switch uses a scaled adjustment knob to adjust the trip and reset pressure without using a screwdriver.

Applications of Pressure switch 901 Prescal

  • Wastewater technology
  • Liquid level measurement
  • Pump control
  • Medical technology

Technical Specifications of the adjustable Prescal pressure switch 901

Temperature range

Ambient temperature from –20° C to 85° C. Temperature of media from 85° C or 130° C depending on material of pressure connection and diaphragm.

Diaphragm material

Depending on media NBR, Silicone, FKM (Viton®), EPDM. For 901.8x Silicone, others upon request.

Electrical rating

Values indicated for resistive load


6(1.5) A/250 VAC
2 A/24 VDC

Gold-plated contacts:

100 mA/24 VAC
30 mA/24 VDC

AgNi-contacts up to 10 A/250 VAC can be supplied upon request

Electrical connection:

AMP connection 6.3 mm x 0.8 mm DIN 46244.

CE Conformity:

This is depending on the technical specification: Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC; RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC; ATEXDirective 94/9/EC; Gas Appliance Directive 90/396/EC (only for Type 901.61 to 901.65 with brass pressure connection).

Life Cycle

Minimum 106 cycles 


Restrictors alternatively with 0.3/0.5/0.8 mm diameter


Various mounting brackets and protection caps with IP 44, IP 54 and IP 65

Mounting position

Mounting in any position, to be specified for settings below 100 mbar.


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