PA430 Plug-on Display for Current Loop with Contacts

The PA 430 is a plug on display designed for use with temperature or pressure transmitters which have a 4-20mA or 0-10V output.  The PA430 has interface connections suitable for use with Large DIN / ISO4400 plug & socket, M12 or Binder 723 series connections so should suit the majority of manufacturers pressure transmitter preferred connections.

It is powered from the current loop / power source of the pressure transmitter and only has a 6V voltage drop so works well with standard 24V dc supply sources.

The display is 330° rotatable on the face and 330° rotation on the whole head connection which means the display will always be visible despite the installation position.

Options for 1 or 2 programmable, PNP open collector contacts and Intrinsically Safe increase the capability, control and applications this useful display head can be used in.

Click here for product datasheet

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