ME550 - Flush Diaphragm, Capacitive Ceramic Pressure Sensor

Metallux ME550 pressure sensors are made with a ceramic base plate and a flush diaphragm and work following the capacitive principle, in which the pressure measurement is given by the variation of capacitance due to the deformation of a capacitor’s plates. The moving capacitor plate is screen printed on the flush ceramic diaphragm, which is, in turn, glued to the sensor’s body. The capacitor plate faces the inside where a cavity is made, and the diaphragm’s opposite side can be exposed directly to the medium to be measured. The sensor’s vent hole is protected against humidity and dirt by a special filter glued to the ceramic cell (PCS).

The wide diameter (32.4 mm) and the use of capacitive technology make the ME550 a sensor suitable for measuring very low pressures, as low as 60 mbar.

Nevertheless, ME550 sensors feature a high burst pressure, making them exceptionally reliable in many applications. Because of the Al2O3 ceramic excellent chemical resistance (aggressive gases, most solvents and acids, etc.), no additional protection is usually required. Metallux ME550 sensors can be provided in gauge or final versions.

ME550 Capacitive Pressure Sensor Features

  • High resistance to corrosion and abrasions
  • High sensitivity at very low pressure
  • High burst pressure
  • High immunity to disturbances



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