ME506 - Piezoresistive Flush Membrane

Metallux ME506 pressure sensors are made with a ceramic base plate and a flush diaphragm and work following the piezoresistive principle. The Wheatstone bridge is screen printed on one side of the flush ceramic diaphragm which is, in turn, glued to the sensor’s body, the bridge faces the inside where a cavity is made and the diaphragm’s opposite side can therefore be exposed directly to the medium to be measured. Because of the Al2O3 ceramic excellent chemical resistance (aggressive gases, most of solvents and acids, etc.), no additional protection is normally required. Metallux ME506 pressure sensor main feature is the reduced diameter (15 mm). Metallux ME506 sensors are thermally compensated by laser-adjustable PTC resistors and the use of ceramic ensures a high linearity across the entire range of measurement, reducing effects of hysteresis to a minimum.

Excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion
Small diameter
Absolute measurement available
Thermally compensated

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