ECHO Remote Monitoring System

ECHO Remote Monitoring System is a compact battery powered device with ultra-low power consumption, IP68 protection, wireless communication and various sensor data collection functions.

Remote Data Logging

It is used for monitoring sensors where no power supply is available and in harsh environments. ECHO is multi-functional with data collection, storage, alarming and transmission of data for applications not limited to but including underground water supply, hydrant water pressure monitoring, dam and reservoir monitoring, water supply and sewage drainage pipeline.

With a wide coverage of wireless networks, the product detects the real-time data of many monitoring sites in a wide range of areas like tap-water pipeline pressure, flow, underground water, agricultural irrigation, dam level, water monitoring, wind, rain, ambient temperature and humidity, air quality monitoring, water flow monitoring, imaging and fire fighting pipeline monitoring, especially suitable for underground well detection application in a harsh environments.

ECHO remote monitoring telemetry topologyECHo remote telemetry installationsFeatures Include:

  • Battery or Solar Powered
  • Low current consumption, 3-5 years battery life (depending on sensors connected and frequency of data transmission)
  • Multiple Input options: 3 x Analogue, 2 x Digital, 1 x RS485, 1 x Camera imaging
  • Communication options include: 2G, Multiband, NB-IoT, LoRa
  • Up to 200,000 data points can be stored internally
  • Configuration locally or remotely via the cloud platform
  • LC Display with visible backlight
  • IP68 fully submersible to 1m for 72 hours
  • Easy installation, can be mounted on a wall or via a hoop configuration

Mounting Options: 

ECHo mounting options

Solar Powered Option:

 ECHO Dimensions: 

ECHO remote monitoring solar powered option ECHO telemetry system dimensions

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