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DPC Low Pressure Controller

The DPC Low Range Pressure Controller and Calibrator is a pressure measurement device that measures and generates pressure with a great level of control and accuracy in ranges from 1 hPa (1mbar) through to 1000 hPa (1000mbar).

The DPC can therefore be used as a test and calibration device for various types of pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and pressure switches all calibrated to various calibration standards that may be required in your facility, having the DPC on hand as a precise pressure reference makes the calibration process simple and straightforward.

Programmable pressure profiles means you can automate the calibration process for your needs and with its extremely low measurement uncertainty and great long term stability you can be sure your calibrations and measurements are of the highest standard.

It has an integrated Lithium-ion battery which is ideal for moving it around the facility without the need for complicated disassembly of pressure equipment or the device under test (DUT).

In addition to this, there is a leak test function which enables you to define the time domain and maximum allowable drift on the measurement, after this time the pressure controller will indicate a pass or fail of the DUT.

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