Differential Pressure Switch 908

Designed for Liquids with Adjustable Setting

A differential pressure switch is an electromechanical device used for sensing a difference in pressure between two points.

Application of Differential Pressure Switch 908

Adjustable differential pressure switch monitoring overpressure, vacuum or differential pressure of liquid and gaseous – also aggressive – media.
The differential pressure switch uses an adjusting screw to enable the adjustment of the switching pressure.
Class of control and regulation function: A

Technical Data of 908 Differential Pressure Switch

Temperature range

  • Ambient temperature from -10 to +80°C
  • Temperature of media from -10 to +80°C
  • Storage temperature from -40 to +80°C

Accuracy of the switching pressure

Repeatability ±10 %


Diaphragm: EPDM/ NBR / Viton / Silicone
Media contacting parts: Chrome / Stainless steel / Brass / Diaphragm material

Pressure connection

Inner thread G 1/8 of Brass (CuZn40) P1+ / P2–

Switching hysteresis (typical)

908.32 30 mbar
908.34 100 mbar

Maximum operating pressure

10 bar

Burst pressure

20 bar


Mechanically more than 1 million cycles


850 g with mounting bracket and protection cap

Electrical rating

Standard version:

max. 6 (1.5) A / 250 VAC
max. 10 (2.0) A / 250 VAC

Low power version

max. 100 mA / 24 VAC
max. 30 mA / 24 VDC


IP00 without protection cap
IP54 / IP65 depending on the used protection cap

Protection class

Protection class II is only met by using a protection cap from our accessories program.

The pressure switch without a protection cap is provided for installation in equipment. Theconstruction of the equipment and the type of installation determine the protection class.


Do read instructions before use. This regulating and control unit must be installed in compliance with the applicable regulations.


EU Low Voltage Directive
EU RoHS Directive

Packaging unit

1 or 10 pieces


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