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Titan-Moto, A-series Autosport Pressure Transmitter

Titan-Moto, A-series Autosport Pressure Transmitter

Introducing Titan-Moto A-Series: a perfect solution into the world of Autosport pressure sensing technology, designed to meet the most rigorous demands of on-vehicle pressure measurement in the motorsport and automotive industry. Engineered with precision, it offers wide options of pressure range from 2 to 400 bar and accurate voltage output, either from a ratiometric 5V supply or 8-16V DC, ensuring compatibility with varied vehicle, test stand and dyno systems. 

Customization is paramount: choose from a variety of electrical and pressure connections, each crafted to suit a multitude of applications. Experience unparalleled reliability and accuracy with the Titan-Moto A-Series, driving performance to the pinnacle.

Pressure Transmitter Applications

  • On-vehicle pressure sensing
  • Test Stand monitoring
  • Dyno pressure measurement
  • Coolant, brake, water, boost, fuel and oil
To download the latest datasheet click here: Titan-Moto, A-series Autosport Pressure Transmitter

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