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ME 750 Piezoresistive Monolithic Ceramic Pressure Transducer with Signal Conditioning

The ME 750 Monolithic Pressure Sensors offer precise and stable measurements with their ceramic cell and piezoresistive technology. Utilizing Thick-Film technology on a ceramic diaphragm, they provide a 0.5…4.5 V ratiometric output or an I2C option. These sensors feature electronic calibration in bar or psi, aging detection, and offset/span correction, ensuring accuracy and longevity. They are EMC compliant and chemically resistant to aggressive media, offering customisable calibration and traceability for reliable performance in various applications.

ME 750 Ceramic Pressure Transducer Product Parameters

  • Pressure Ranges: Ranges from 1.6 to 400 bar and corresponding psi ranges from 20 to 5000.
  • Output Signal: ME750/MEP750: 0.5…4.5 [V], ME751/MEP751: 4…20 [mA], ME752/MEP752: 0…10 [V].
  • Accuracy: High accuracy calibration at 25°C (1.0-1.5% FS), varying with temperature.
  • Electrical Connections: Supply voltage 4.5…5.5 VDC for ME750/MEP750, 9…35 VDC for ME751/MEP751, 12…35 VDC for ME752/MEP752.
  • Media Compatibility: Suitable for gauge pressure measurements with monolithic sensor type.
  • Special Features: Piezoresistive technology, ceramic Al2O3 diaphragm, ≤ 5 ms response time, EMC/ESD compliance.

Product Highlights

The ME750 Pressure Sensor is a highly versatile and reliable device designed to measure pressure accurately across various applications. Its pressure range spans from 1.6 to 400 bar (20 to 5000 psi), catering to a wide array of pressure requirements. The sensor operates on a gauge pressure type and employs advanced Piezoresistive technology with signal conditioning, ensuring precise and consistent measurements. With a compact diameter of 18.00 mm and a monolithic structure, the ME750 is engineered to fit seamlessly into different systems and environments. The sensor’s signal output is ratiometric, providing a range of 0.5 to 4.5 V, which facilitates easy integration with other equipment. Whether in industrial settings or research laboratories, the ME750 Pressure Sensor proves to be an indispensable tool for accurately monitoring pressure levels and ensuring optimal performance in various applications.


  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Signal conditioning
  • EMC compliant
  • Thermally compensated
  • Zero stress mounting software
To download the latest datasheet click here: ME750

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