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ME 509 Piezoresistive Flush Membrane

Introducing ME 509 Pressure Sensors: Designed for precision low-pressure measurements, these sensors feature a ceramic base plate and flush diaphragm using the piezoresistive principle. The Wheatstone bridge, screen printed on the ceramic diaphragm, allows direct exposure to the medium being measured, ensuring accuracy. With a 32.4mm diameter, ME 509 offers high sensitivity for measurements as low as 200 mbar. The Al2O3 ceramic provides excellent chemical resistance, eliminating the need for additional protection. Laser-adjustable PTC resistors ensure thermal compensation, maintaining accuracy across temperature variations and reducing hysteresis effects. Trust ME 509 for unparalleled performance and reliability in low-pressure measurement applications.

  • Pressure Range: 0,2 – 0,5 – 1 bar
  • Output: Differential mV/V Signal
  • Diameter: 32.00.00 mm
  • Structure: Flush Mount

Product Highlights

The ME509 Pressure Sensor is a versatile and reliable device designed to measure pressure with precision. It offers different pressure ranges, including 0.2, 0.5, and 1 bar, or 3, 7, and 14 psi, allowing for various applications. The sensor accommodates both absolute and gauge pressure types, offering flexibility in monitoring different systems. Utilising piezoresistive technology, the ME509 ensures accurate and consistent measurements. It’s 32.00.00 mm diameter and flush mount structure make it suitable for integration in compact spaces. The sensor provides a differential mV/V signal output, enabling easy interpretation and integration into compatible systems. With its robust construction and advanced technology, the ME509 Pressure Sensor is a reliable choice for a wide range of pressure measurement tasks.


  • High sensitivity, low nominal pressure values
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Thermally compensated
  • Extended customisation

To download the latest datasheet click here: ME509

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