Product: UPS-HSR pressure data logger

Question: Can I update the sensor calibration date that is shown in the test report?
Answer: Yes, this can be achieved using the software, entering the advanced options tab and confirming the latest date of calibration.

Product: Primatu10 Differential pressure transmitter

Question: We want to measure atmospheric pressure for positive pressure measurement of 10 to 15 pascals above atmospheric pressure with the accuracy of +/-1 Pascal
Answer: You can use one of the pressure ports on the atmospheric side and the other pressure port on the positive pressure side, this will give you a differential measurement range from one port to the other. The Primatu10 can be calibrated to 0 - 30 Pascals to give some over range and with the standard accuracy of 1% this will achieve 0.3 Pascals accuracy.

Product: PGS40 hand held calibration pressure pump

Question: Can this hand held pump be used for burst pressure testing blow off discs and pressure relief valves?
Answer: Yes, the PGS40 pump can  be used to generate the relevant pressure up to 40 bar. When used in conjunction with the BAROLI 02 digital pressure gauge the BAROLI will record the last seen maximum pressure, this is particularly useful to see where the blow off rupture disc or pressure relief valve activated.

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