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About Us

Stork Solutions was created to supply end-to-end Instrumentation solutions and work with customers and partners to supply an ultimate solution to an instrumentation problem or requirement.

By looking from the outside in, not restricting ourselves to one technology, supplier, product or method, we can consider all options which best fit the application.  The 'Stork Solution' will be the only one to consider and will be sure to 'Deliver Perfection'.

Solutions include:

- Clean room monitors
- Data logging and BMS integrated data acquisition
- Water management solutions
- Full PID control control systems
- Power management systems
- Environmental monitoring
- Waste management alarm systems
- Remote site monitoring
- Marine tank monitoring systems
- a full array of sensing technologies including pressure, temperature, level, distance, proximity, optical, air quality, water quality can be supplied to compliment the solutions we are offering.

We also will provide a competitive commissioning service once installation is complete to ensure that the system meets the original criteria specified and delivered. 

On going service & maintenance contracts and routine calibration services are also provided at great value.


Feel free to challenge us with your requirements.

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