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Screw-in level transmitter

If you do not require a submersible level sensor or transmitter, you can simply screw these devices into the bottom or side of the tank / pipework by their threads and this will enable the sensor to measure the hydrostatic pressure created by the liquid above the sensor, approximately 1mWG is around 100mbar. We can use this pressure measurement to convert to a level reading.  We can also take into consideration the specific gravity of the media to correct for different density liquids, furthermore we can supply a temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the liquid which can be used to dynamically adjust the specific gravity should the liquid have a specific profile it follows when the temperature of the media changes.  We can take this temperature measurement and pressure measurement (level) into a dual channel device such as the CMC-N16 and use the maths channels to create a true level measurement reading. Please contact us for your specific level measurement requirements.

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