Using '4ControllerView' in MultiCon makes easy work of PID control

Quick and easy access to process data is the basis of any decent measurement system. In the MultiCon line devices, data is grouped in individual views in a multitude of different ways making the device very versatile and configurable to the operators preferences.

The Multicon firmware has been upgraded to include a novel method of viewing and presenting the state of logical channels for a given measurement group, incorporating edit buttons to change your target SV and designed specifically when using the Multicon as a regulator, welcome the '4ControllerView' functionality!

Each MultiCon device has, as standard, 8 x independent PID control loops. The '4ControllerView' function displays four channels in the numerical value mode (including: two "major" and two "auxiliary") and two in binary mode.

The first two lines are the typical PID control values which are PV and SV, each with its own percentage indication, description, and process unit. The SV value as a variable parameter can be set directly from the screen in the dynamic configuration mode.

Other parameters for using the Mulitcon as a regulator and the '4ControllerView' mode will be made available in the next blog post shortly.

In Summary, '4ControllerView' is:

  • Differentiation of individual values importance and their role in a controlled process
  • Easier reading of key data, from a distance
  • Clear presentation of data from many logical channels groups

The '4ControllerView' functionality is available with the firmware version 5.09.1, please contact us for a link to download this latest release. or +44 (0)118 328 2986

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