PrimAtue 10... Versatile differential pressure measurement

The PrimAtue 10 is the latest addition to the companies product range for high customisable differential pressure transmitters that predominantly is targeted towards low range pressure measurement.

With pressure ranges starting from 0.5 mbar/hpa up to 1000 mbar/hpa and having analogue output signals in the format 4...20mA, 0...20mA or 0...10Vdc makes this suitable for the majority of applications in the HVAC market as an example.

There is also the option to integrate an RS485 serial bus interface and LCD digital display, with these options it makes the PrimAtue 10 a versatile solution to cater for a broad range of applications.

Primatue10 differential pressure transmitter internal RS485 PCBPrimatue10 differential pressure transmitter No LCD fitted

Initially developed for Filter state monitoring, Volume flow and Clean room pressure monitoring, the PrimAtue 10 provides a reliable long term stable solution and most importantly fantastic repeatability making sure you have confidence is your differential pressure measurement.

In addition to the already great features, there is the ability to adjust zero offset and amplitude adjustment to ensure the sensor is 100% matching your calibration requirements.  This is done by pressing a button at the desired pressure, so simple!

The PrimAtue 10 can also be used for compound pressures, negative pressures and also differential measurement of non-aggressive gases.

For more information on this fantastic product, please visit the product page here, you can also order online once you have selected your options: