New low power supply option on MultiLog devices!

The MultiLog line data loggers have been enjoying your recognition for many years for their diversity and reliability. The product line was initiated by 1-, 4- and 8-channel process signal recorders with 230V mains power supply. With the expansion and range of applications required these days and analyzing the needs of the market, and the constant development of the recorders' new possibilities. The original version has been improved with new elements including electronic relays, wall-mounted casing, amber display backlight and universal temperature input (RTD+TC) or current-voltage input.

Today we are pleased to present the newest version - MultiLog line data loggers powered by 12V (11...16V DC / 10...13V AC) voltage.

Multilog data logger with low power supply

The new power supply option, together with the vibration resistance in accordance with the EN-61131-2 standard, opens the way for the devices to be used in further applications, e.g. on motor boats, agricultural machinery or transport vehicles.

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