MultiLevel Access and SCADALite now available on the CMC Multicon at no extra charge!

We have introduced further improvements to the CMC MultiCon series bringing you more features at no extra cost! Licenses for the SCADALite and MultiLevel Access functionality on newly produced units are now automatically active within the device!

SCADALite - enables an individual, graphical display of the process, and its control is run from the screen level of the device.

MultiLevel Access - enables division of users into groups with different authorisation levels and provides access to settings from a given scope of competence by connecting a dongle key, which ensures convenient and efficient process handling.

We are happy to announce that both of the above mentioned Licenses will be available at the basic price of the device for orders placed starting from February 12th, 2019.

If you want to learn more about their functionality and features please visit the product page here: