Multicon can hold up to 300,000,000 (300 million) records!

Each CMC-99 and CMC-141 MultiCon device with an active license key (LKS) can record parameters of the connected sensors and active process. MultiCon can record 60 physical measurement channels at a speed of 10 samples per second. Recorded data is saved to the built-in flash memory. The standard 2 GB memory can be expanded to 4 GB, which in the case of recording 24 channels every 10 seconds is enough for about 3 years of uninterrupted work.

The approximate values of filling both the standard 2 GB as well as the optional 4 GB memory (depending on the sampling frequency and the number of recorded channels) can be seen in the tables below.

Memory buffer for a 2 GB card:

Memory buffer for a 2 GB card CMC Multicon

Memory buffer for a 4 GB card:

Memory buffer for a 4 GB card CMC Multicon

For more detailed information about these data loggers, check out the CMC Multicon devices and their capabilities.