Introducing the 'SLS-D' SDi-12 Submersible level transmitter...

The SLS series of digital submersible level transmitters have been developed using highly stable and repeatable piezo-resistive sensing elements housed in a robust stainless steel or Marine Bronze housing and uses the SDi-12 protocol for communications (

Ideal for environmental monitoring applications in rivers, streams, canals, reservoirs and boreholes where low power and high accuracy is critical. The internal electronics can be powered from as low as 6V dc supply which is perfect when used with telemetry and data logging systems than are powered from battery or solar panels, this device offers low power consumption and fast response time to ensure reliability of data.

The SLS series have an integrated moulded cable assembly to provide permanent submersible in liquids up to 100m depth for continuous operation. The internal electronics are designed to convert the analogue output from the piezo-resistive sensor into SDI-12 digital communications which provides the level and temperature readings as a serial output using the SDI-12 version 1.4 protocol.

The onboard 16-bit microprocessor enables a high level of linearisation, temperature compensation and calibration to be performed ensuring the highest accuracy, stability and repeatability are met for demanding applications such as environmental monitoring and flood defence systems.

Coupled with our powerful SDi-12 communications software, this enables the user to calibrate the sensor and offers settings for built in density correction using the integrated temperature sensor. There is also the ability to connect up to 9 sensors, data log and diagnose the communications between the device and software.