Introducing the PUR-99, advanced PID controller with built in Autotune and Fuzzy Logic

We are pleased to announce the PUR-99!  This is the first of the new PID controller line which offers a dual display, universal input, analogue control output feature as well as new front panel design. The new PUR-99 PID controller is built into 96 x 96 mm housing making installation simple, the display very clear to see and navigating the menu structure is easily achieved.  The PUR-99 controllers have an onboard PID control algorithm implemented so ready to start controlling your process once powered, with this model the control procedures and control processes can be controlled very precisely.

Later this year we will also be releasing further models to the PUR line which will have the following dimensions: 96 x 48 mm, 48 x 96 mm and 48 x 48 mm. 

Features of the PUR-99:

  • PID, Auto-tuning, Fuzzy Logic built in as standard
  • Dual LED display with adjustable brightness:
    - UPPER display shows the measured value
    - LOWER display shows the setpoint or target value
  • Universal measuring input including current; voltage; milivolts; thermoresistance or thermocouples
  • Relay output in the format of OC or SSR binary control
  • Analogue control output (passive or active)
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU as standard on all products

The dual display also offers additional possibilities, the user can not only check the actual parameters and target parameters in an instant, but even more conveniently navigate through the full menu of the device.

The PUR-99 is very good for processes that involve pressure, temperature and level to name a few types of instruments, anything with a current, voltage, thermometer or thermocouple signal can be used. 

Available for shipping now, contact for a quotation.