CMC Multicon now has a simple wall mount enclosure

A common question from customers when buying devices that are panel mounted is 'What do I do with it now"...

There are so many options for different panels and enclosures when a lot of the time you just want to simply hang the product on the wall and run it alongside your other equipment with minimal fuss and ease of installation.

We are pleased to announce that the CMC Multicon products have a brand new accessory... the SWH-99 for the CMC-99 and SWH-141 for the, you guessed it, CMC-141.

The housings are made of robust Polycarbonate so they are resistant to harsh environments and IP65 rated, connections are made from the bottom where there are a number of cable glands ready to take your power, sensor and control cables. These can be adjusted to provide the exact amount of connections required.

CMC Multicon showing cable glands CMC Multicon showing the panel cut out CMc Multicon showing the rear of the enclosure

You simple secure the back of the enclosure to the wall, bring your cables through the cable glands to connect to the CMC Multicon and screw the front panel in place, it couldn't be simpler!

To take a look at the range of CMC Multicon and accessories please view the brochure here: CMC Multicon Product Overview