Wood drying process monitoring with ProSens

One example of how the ProSens devices are used is recording parameters of an industrial wood drying process. In this case it is important to ensure monitoring the conditions inside the raw material as well as in the kiln. All these parameters can be monitored and displayed using a single device.

Model recommended for such applications: QM-213-00-0-3-1-00-1-10-3-3

The device located inside the kiln performs simultaneous measurements of ambient temperature and humidity (through an integrated measuring probe), whereas a temperature sensor mounted inside the dried material is connected to an additional universal input. All the parameters measured are continuously displayed on the meter device display. At the same time, Modbus protocol enables data transmission to a PC on which the recording process takes place using a dedicated SimCorder software.

See the range here: https://stork.solutions/collections/indicators/products/indicator-1