Using the ProSens QM-100 as a 2-channel indicator and controller

One version of the ProSens Line meter, called the QM-100, can be used as a 2-channel indicator or a 2-channel controller and therefore greatly cuts down the overall cost of implementing a dual channel solution.

As an example of this configuration the QM-100 model can be used to control the water levels in buffer tanks as part of a production process. 

The QM-100 accept two 'universal' inputs (Current, Voltage, RTD or Thermocouple inputs), in this case from 2 x LMP307 Submersible hydrostatic level transmitters, and using the internal tank linearisation feature converts the level to a volume for more relative control.

Using the 2 onboard relays outputs, each relays switching threshold controls the feed pump to the corresponding tank and begins filling when the threshold is met.

The LCD display shows both readings in realtime on the screen in clear, backlight display in m3 which is freely configurable by the user using the simple to use and intuitive menu features within the device.

The QM-100 ProSens range also comes as standard with RS485 Modbus which enables the data to be sent to a master device such as a PLC or SCADA for integrating into the companies process control infrastructure seamlessly.

For more information about the ProSens range please see here.