The powerful Multicon data logging controller just got accessorised!

The multitasking of the Multicon data logging controllers can be extended by equipping them with various accessories.  A MultiPrint printer enables printing of key data in the form of a paper printout, still widely used in many validation applications.

An example application is the pressure and temperature testing of sterilising autoclaves to ensure the criteria set out by the certification and guidelines is being adhered to and that the OEM pressure and temperature sensors are actually within calibration.  By using secondary pressure and temperature sensors with a high level of calibration in combination with the CMC Multicon means that the MLP-149 printer can be connected for printing calibration results to a hard copy paper for validation.

This application specifically does not require a permanent connection to a Ethernet network because the important data is downloaded to the USB port for digital copy and a hard copy is printed during the test to the MLP-149 printer.

Data from pressure and temperature transmitters is recorded and compared to the validation standard. Printouts are triggered in two situations:

- Pass: Information on the current pressure and temperature value is printed when they 'reach' predefined levels and the tests are passed successfully.

- Fail: Information on the current pressure and temperature value is printed when they 'do not reach' the desired levels after a given period of time started when the test begins.

Special features
The USB port is located at the front of the device to enable convenient handling and access of data. Tests commence when trigger by the operator or when a start pressure and temperature level is reached.

Each printout consists of:

  • Header and footer in the form of a file implemented into the device by the user
  • Current date and time
  • Three pieces of data of a selected channel: name, current value and unit
  • Printouts are generated on demand and get triggered by a specific value in the indicated logic channel

In addition to the great features of the Multicon and MLP-149 printer we also supply the pair installed in a robust transport case for mobile use.  This is particularly useful for service engineers responsible for the validation and calibration of the facilities equipment.

Multicon data logging controller and MLP-149 Printer

For more information, please take a look at the MulticonMLP-149 Brochure.