Recording of storage parameters with ProSens

The highest quality of a product is not only achieved from its manufacturing methods. Transport and storage conditions are also of great importance to ensure the product quality is as high standard as when it left the factory to delivery to the customer.  Customers increasingly expect confirmation that the product is received with a declaration of the environmental parameters from the factory to the warehouse.

The range of ProSens meters allow you to measure environmental parameters, present them in real time and integrate them with recording systems to create reports showing storage parameters including temperature, humidity, dewpoint, barometric pressure, differential pressure, oxygen levels and many more.

In an example application, a warehouse storing electronic components (area of 300 m2), Prosens QM-212-00-0-3-0-00-1-10-3-2 meters were installed.

This version has an integrated temperature and humidity probe and equipped with an LCD. In cooperation with the external recording buffer and the SimCorder computer program, it is able to permanently monitor all the current conditions and also provides the possibility of permanent recording with access to archived data of any period of time.