Prosens provides simple Elegance in industry!

Monitoring environmental parameters, in addition to the obvious places, such as production buildings or large industrial warehouses, is also increasingly required in places where not only functions, but also the presence of measuring devices must satisfy the buyer. The ProSens line devices, thanks to the elegant housing designed in accordance with the latest trends, can be integrated into the interior design. A clear but non-glare display ensures comfort of use while maintaining the principles of aesthetics.

One of the examples of such use of our devices is the monitoring of environmental parameters at the exhibition in the science center. The network includes several QM-211-00-0-3-0-00-1-3 meters.

These are versions with an integrated temperature and humidity probe in the Teflon filter cover, equipped with an LCD display. In cooperation with the recording buffer and SimCorder computer program, not only they provide a permanent preview of the current conditions, but also the possibility of permanent recording with access to archived data from any period.

Each of the ProSens line meters can be offered with or without a display. We have, therefore, the possibility of placing measuring points in the required places with the simultaneous presentation of measured values only where it is necessary.

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