ProSens for monitoring optimal workplace conditions

Ensuring the correct parameters of air quality are achieved in the workplace significantly affect the comfort of the working environment and the efficiency of your staff.

It also influences many production processes and is therefore important to monitor environmental parameters in the workplace, for this task the ProSens line meters can be used to both monitor the temperature, humidity and also use the additional universal input to accept any analogue signal from other sensors, as an example a carbon dioxide sensor can be connected to the universal input.

work conditions

All the measured parameters from the connected sensors are presented in the clearly lit LCD graphical display, the user can select to display single channels or all the channels in various configurations and engineering units to suit the user.

Each Prosens device is equipped with RS485 Modbus to connect to your network of instruments if required and has options of relay outputs or analogue signal re-transmission to give full control of the parameters in the application.

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