ProSens - an autonomous controller or RS-485 network element

ProSens is a line of modern industrial devices integrating the functionality of sensors, transducers, gauges, and controllers.

The devices of this line are available in many design versions, for example QM-212-00-0-3-0-11-1-10-3-3 is the model featuring an integrated temperature and humidity probe, is equipped with a display, two relay outputs, and the RS-485 port.

In one of the applications this model is used to control the temperature and humidity in the document archive room. The device automatically controls the fans to maintain proper conditions for storing documents. Measurement data and control output states are made available as part of the RS-485 network to the superior SCADA system, where special software enables storing databases with recorded measurements, making analyses, reporting and alarming, as well as many other functionalities useful in the monitoring process.