MultiCon for electric energy measurements

Another interesting application of the MultiCon line meters is the recording of parameters at a wind power plant. By simultaneous monitoring of multiple parameters, it is possible to control the efficiency of the power plant, detect emerging failures and ensure continuous improvement of the process.

The following model works well in the application: CMC-99-PS42/ETU/UI4/RT4/E-001, operated together with the SEC-L70-111 energy meter.

Signal inputs
The UI4 module consists of four current inputs and four voltage inputs, all inputs are used to measure wind speed.  The RT4 module consists of four RTD inputs used for temperature measurement in control cabinet that accommodate capacitor banks.

The ETU module features USB and Ethernet ports. It is used for communication via the internal network for constant, also remote, access to measurement data. The RS-485 port in the power supply module is used to receive information from the energy meter via Modbus.

The device is used to record all the above-mentioned parameters and convert them into ratios that characterize the entire energy conversion process.