Monitoring temperature & humidity in a printing room

One possible application of using the Prosens device is monitoring and controlling the temperature and humidity in a printing facility. Keeping the temperature and humidity in the operation of printing and also the storage of printing materials is critical to the quality and repeatability of the finished product.

In a project to monitor and control 10 printing rooms the QM-212 model was used in 2 versions:

QM-212-00-0-2-0-00-0-10-3-2 which has the integrated temperature probe and is a blind unit is used in the storage and packing rooms, whereas the QM-212-00-0-3-0-00-1-10-3-3 is equipped with the integrated temperature and humidity probe and also a display is used in the printing rooms with the operators present.  The operators are able to input the desired temperature target via the display to control the temperature and humidity levels.

Prosens temperature and humidity probe cabled

All devices are connected together and join to the sites network using the inbuilt RS485 communications and can be displayed on any PC with the SimCorder NETWORK software installed to present and register aggregate measurements.

Current and historical data coming from all the measurement devices are available locally or remotely via the internet.  In the event of any of the parameters exceeding the desired levels, the maintenance teams and quality departments can receive either email or text messages informing them of the occurrence of an alarm condition with specific details to enable them to respond quickly to any situation.

For information on the Prosens range of devices and their capabilities please feel free to contact or call +44 (0)118 328 2986.